Roadtrek 170 For Sale

Friday, March 19, 2010


Our Roadtrek has sold to a very excited future Trekker.  I will leave this blog up for a while for any who might be interested in how a Roadtrek 170 looks.  Good luck in your search.

Friday, February 12, 2010

2001 Roadtrek For Sale

I  can’t believe I’m writing these words.   We have loved our Trekker from the time we purchased it four years ago.

The immediate question then would be, “If you love it so much, why are you selling it?”

We purchased a 3/4 ton truck for use on our acreage and feel it would financially make more sense to only have one vehicle for taxes, insurance and upkeep.    We have both recently retired, and these considerations become important at this point in our lives
We will be looking for a pickup camper for the truck. And, it will be about the same size as the Roadtrek.  We are roadtrip people.  Enjoying backroads and staying “off the grid” is our style.  (Don't miss the video of places our Roadtrek has visited at the end)

The decision has been hard.  This Roadtrek is a jewel.


We purchased this 170 on April 24, 2006, from retired private individuals who had used it very little.    It has 43,657 now.  These are easy miles as we did not tow nor push the engine hard.  By driving conservatively, we were able to get from 13 to 17 mpg.
The first thing we did was add an Onan generator.  It has only 24 hours use.  We have “exercised” it each month for ten minutes under load as recommended by the manufacturer.
It has had regular service including oil changes every 3,000 miles.  We added four new Michelin tires costing $858.00 a year and a half ago.  They have less than 3,000 miles wear.
The computer on the engine was replaced in December of 2008.
We do not smoke, neither did previous owners.  We do not take our pet when we travel. Previous owners stated no pets also.

Enterior Back

Our 170 has the classic Popular layout in back
Back view with seating.  Two lap seat belts.  The back rest was laying against a seatbelt buckle.  The indention will disappear when it gets warmer.

Same view with table

Will sell our memory foam mattress topper if desired.  This is how we carried it.

A very nice bed

Enterior Front


This is the front with table set up.  Double click on picture for better view. 







Table with leaves lifted


This is a three way refrigerator.  It cools almost to the point of freezing in cool weather.  We have kept ice cream in the freezer.  Notice the cup holding the freezer door open.  I was careful to dry the little freezer as well as the entire unit out after each use.

Microwave used very little.  Exhaust fan above stove.

Clean and well maintained


This is the most wonderful thing about the Roadtrek.  Traveling down the road, duty calls, and you can just slip back and take care of it.   It has a shower which we used, but preferred to use showers at State Parks when available.    The unit is winterized at the time of the picture so the shower mechanism has been brought inside. 

Cabinet addition

My husband is a retired trim carpenter.  We removed the third seat and he built this custom cabinet.  Notice the adjustable shelves.  It has a formica top as well.  This served us very well.  However, we do have the entire third seat that will come with the unit.  It is in excellent shape.  Unsure if a new owner would want the cabinet or seat, we decided not to put it back in at this time.

This is the backside of the custom cabinet.  This is what you will see when opening the second side door.  Very handy for items needed outside.


Fantastic Fan.  This has a thermostat and will shut off automatically.  We seldom used the air conditioner as this kept us plenty cool.

Although we did not tow, this hitch was on the unit when we purchased it.

If you choose to, there is room behind the driver’s seat for folding chairs.

There is the ability to channel more of the air conditioning over the bed if desired.

This is where the table and pipes are stored.  Notice the closet. 

Small dent in the front of the refrigerator.  We never did look into it, but thought a new front might be available.  Again, double click for a better look.

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